A petition has been circulating around Polk County Wisconsin, asking the Inter-County Leader’s Manager, Editor and Board of Directors to give equal representation in the press pages of the Inter-County Leader paper to both conservatives and liberals. Currently, the paper leans only one way.


The Inter-County Leader emailed Alan Walker, Polk Chairman GOP; Laurie Riemer, Burnett Chairwoman GOP; and Wayne Anderson, Journalist – stating that they will not buy or invite any Conservative news sources or opinion columnists for the newspaper. Presently they only buy and run Liberal news sources and opinionators.

Manager Doug Panek and Editor Gary King jointly said there is no “need” to buy conservative sources.

We, the readers, subscribers and stockholders feel otherwise.

According to state records, the majority of voters in Polk and Burnett are Conservative/Republicans. We feel this also represents the views of the majority of readers, subscribers and stockholders of the Leader. Yet, management will not even meet with the Conservative leaders to discuss slanted news content. The Leader said there was no “need.”

Petition Highlight

Sen. Ron Johnson signed the Petition! As a major representative in Washington D.C. for Wisconsin, Sen. Johnson agreed that news content in the Inter-County Leader should be fair and balanced and equal treatment is the right thing.

Also Wayne King, owner of Wayne’s Food Plus, signed the Petition. Mr. King, who spends six figures annually on advertising with the Inter-County Leader, said he was disappointed in the Leader’s policy of buying only Liberal news sources and inviting only Progressive columnists to appear in the newspaper.

Management at the Leader said there is “no need” to buy or invite Conservative news sources. But Sen. Johnson and Mr. King are community leaders who voice what thousands of others in Polk and Burnett Counties are saying, “There is a need!”

The signatures will be presented the Board of Directors of the Inter-County Leader paper. Perhaps they will listen to the requests of the their readers, subscribers, and stockholders, when their signatures arrive.

Sign the Petition

You can sign the petition by emailing your name at wayneandeson@centurytel.net

Everyone is encouraged to contact the Leader to sound off their Conservative voice!

  • Manager Doug Panek can be reached at: dougpanek@centurytel.net or 715-327-4236.
  • Editor Gary King can be reached at: editor@leadernewsroom.com or 715-327-4236

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me anytime.


Wayne Anderson, Journalist

Joint Effort by the Following:

  • Wayne Anderson, Wisconsin Journalist
  • Alan Walker, chairman GOP Polk County
  • Laurie Riemer, chairwoman GOP Burnett County