2024 Local Candidates

This voter guide was compiled through researching the various local races to identify the conservative candidates in these non-partisan races.  The presented list is not intended to be an endorsement for these candidates from the Republican Party of Polk County.  It is the result of a good faith effort to identify and list the conservative candidtes running for these seats, and present them to you as informational.  

2024 spring voter guide – Please vote Tuesday April 2nd 

 Polk County Supervisors:

District 1. Brad Olson (Incumbent)

District 2. Doug Route (Incumbent, unchallenged)

District 3. Steve Warndahl (Incumbent, unchallenged)

District 4. Pamela Garvey (Conservative candidate)

District 5. Tracy LaBlanc (Incumbent, unchallenged)

District 6. Dan Ruck (Incumbent, unchallenged)

District 7. Sharon Kelly (Conservative candidate)

District 8. Jeremy Hall (Incumbent, unchallenged)

District 9. Kim O’Connell (Incumbent, unchallenged)

District 10. Tony Johnson (Conservative candidate)

District 11. Jay Luke (Incumbent, unchallenged)

District 12. Joy Cahill Egleston (Conservative candidate)

District 13. Russ Arcand (Incumbent, unchallenged)

District 14. Keith Karpenski (Conservative candidate)

District 15. John Bonneprise (Incumbent, unchallenged)

Amery School Board:

Dell Stone
Joanne Jackson


This is only a guide.  Please do your own research on your local candidates before you go to your polling place.  It is more important than ever that we choose conservative. moral, ethical people who have the future of our communities and children at heart.

Spring Election Referendum Questions:  Our government has a way of wording referendum questions in what I call “lawyer speak”, making them difficult to understand.  One would think that common sense would prevail, and these questions could be translated into language that is easy to comprehend, however, it’s our government, so…

You won’t find the “lawyer speak” here, I will just do the translation for them.  You can look them up on MyVote if you would like more information.

Question #1.  Should Wisconsin ban the use of private funds in elections?  This question stems from the recent use of funds (over 350 million) donated by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife to “modernize” U.S. elections.  In Wisconsin, this resulted in illegal drop boxes, ballot harvesting, and other methods with the intent of boosting turnout in areas with heavy democrat populations.  NWWP believes that private funds have no business being used in Wisconsin elections.  Please vote YES on this referendum question.

Question #2.  Should Wisconsin elections be run only by certified election officials?  This question is related to the first in that some of the previously mentioned private funding was used to fund outside “third party operatives” to help run our elections.  NWWP believes that only rigorously trained and certified election officials should be allowed to conduct our elections.  As such, please vote YES on this question as well.

In summary, if you like free and fair elections, vote YES on both questions.  If the true will of the people offends you and you would like outside entities to sway the outcome of our elections, vote no.