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The 2020 election had many ups and downs. Here in Wisconsin, we kept a healthy majority in both the state Assembly and Senate, while nationally we lost the White House and Senate to Democrats.

A loss for President Trump was shocking to his supporters because he literally received more votes than any other president in history, including Barack Obama.

The Biden/Harris win came with a lot of questions about election fraud and was not without plenty of frustrations and disappointments. However, now we must look forward to our future as conservatives in order to create a winning strategy for 2022.

As 2022 approaches, we need to create a strong strategy to elect conservative candidates who will protect our freedoms, maintain the rule of law, and keep socialism from becoming even more commonplace in America.

In 2022, we must take every opportunity to take back the Senate and House in Washington D.C., and also encourage conservatives to run for state and local offices.

We fight hard for federal and state elections, but we must also fight for conservatives to serve on our county boards, village boards, city and town councils, as mayors, sheriffs, clerks, and District Attorneys. 

It will be our hard work and our votes that will get conservative candidates elected. Now, more than ever, it is time to work together to assure we are represented properly in Madison, Washington D.C., and our hometowns.

We need everyone willing to join us!  There are several ways to get involved.

Volunteer Areas

At the Fair

  • Scoop ice cream at the fair
  • Sit in the inside booth at the fair
  • Hand out stickers

On the Team

  • Serve as delegate
  • Recruit members
  • Call members as events come up

In the Community

  • Write letters to the editor
  • Work on organizing events
  • Other  — Let us know your ideas!

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We need your help to defeat the liberals!

In order to defeat the liberals, we need your help!  We need volunteers and donations to fund the campaigns against liberals and we need them today!

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Please join the Polk County Republican Party today! Your participation in the Republican Party makes it possible to support local conservative candidates, educate the electorate on important issues, bring conservative values and ideas to the Wisconsin Republican Party and hold Democrats accountable for their votes.

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