Letter to the Editor

I took a quick look at liberal Assembly candidate, Travis Schachtner’s latest campaign finance report. I was just curious to see who was funding his ultra-liberal, tax and spend agenda. I was disappointed when I came away with very few answers. Why, because many of Schachtner’s donations in his last report were categorized as “anonymous”.  Remember when Al Kruger and Jeff Peterson accused Operation Prosperity, Inc. of getting Koch money?  Operation Prosperity, Inc. disclosed where their funds came from. (All local)  Is Schachtner going to or is there a double standard?

I thought liberals were so concerned about dark money and transparency. I guess Schachtner missed that day of liberal indoctrination. With few exceptions, Wisconsin law requires disclosure of nearly all campaign contributions. I am concerned because it seems implausible that much of Schachtner’s contributions meet the disclosure exceptions. And even if they do, it raises questions about whether he is intentionally exploiting loopholes. Should we then surmise his campaign is financed by George Soros?  I call on Schachtner to come clean and disclose all of his donors.

The other thing that concerns me is the huge percentage of his disclosed donations that come from big labor.  Over half of the donations disclosed in Schachtner’s most recent report are from big labor.  Clearly he didn’t miss that day in liberal school about sucking up to big labor in exchange for campaign contributions.

Liberal Assembly candidate Travis Schachtner has spent most of this campaign trying to win over big unions. It looks as though he has been rewarded for his support and obedience with generous campaign contributions from big unions.  On Labor Day, he proudly posted a bumper sticker on his website which said “Drive American – Build with Union Labor.”

Perhaps Schachtner’s Polk County Democrat Party missed this message.  In several parades around the county this summer, I noticed something peculiar.  The Polk County Democrats parade vehicle is Volvo station wagon with Minnesota license plates.  Is this how they intend to “Restart Wisconsin” with foreign vehicles and out of state plates?

Polk County Democrats un-American

So Schachtner says to Drive American – but the Polk County Democrats could not even find an American-made car to drive in the parade for the Polk County Democrat Party.

Vote for Adam Jarchow and Scott Walker to continue to “Move Wisconsin Forward”. 

R J Hartung
Dresser, WI