Letter to the Editor:

We’ve been hearing a lot about the redistribution of wealth from our current President.  In theory, it sounds great BUT let’s review how this theory works when moved from concept to reality.  The most obvious example is the Soviet Union.  When the government took away the land from the successful farmers and distributed it to the masses, food became scarce and thousands of Soviet people died from starvation.

When people see their wealth is going to be confiscated for “the good” of others, they soon began to lose interest in producing more.  Over time there becomes less “wealth” for the government to redistribute.  Russia, Germany, Cuba are just some of the countries who’ve experienced the failure of moving this theory from concept to reality.

Thomas Sowell, a nationally syndicated columnist, writes:  “If the redistributionist were serious, what they would want to distribute is the ability to fish, or to be productive in other ways.  Knowledge is one of the few things that can be distributed without reducing the amount held by others.”  He goes on to say:  “That would better serve the interests of the poor, but it would not serve the interests of politicians who want to exercise power, and to get the votes of people who are dependent on them.”  Redistributionists give people a fish and leave them dependent on the government for more fish in the future!

Our country doesn’t need more government programs; it doesn’t need more politicians promising whatever they determine people “need.”  Our country needs a LEADER — someone who will revamp our education system so that it will prepare our young people for their future careers (teach them to “fish”); someone who will get serious about working with the captains of industry to create jobs that will get our 26 MILLION unemployed/underemployed back to work; someone who will work WITH our healthcare professionals & insurance companies & drug companies in order to lower costs and CONTINUE to provide the best medical care in the world!

In 2008 Barack Obama promised people fish and cell phones and homes and … the people responded by electing him President.  As a result we now have 26M people unemployed/underemployed; we have 46.7M on food stamps, that’s 14.9% of the entire population.

Did you vote for fish?