As conservative Republicans, who believe in the sanctity of life, we thank you, Governor Walker! Thank you for standing up for the unborn children, who might otherwise be sold for their “parts” to the highest bidder.

Planned Parenthood Buys Body Parts

On Thursday, February 18th, 2016, Governor Scott Walker signed two bills that will defund millions of dollars of public money that goes to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

“We want to make sure as taxpayers whether it’s state funds or federal funds that come through the State of Wisconsin that they’re used in the way that’s responsible and reasonable,” Walker said before signing the bills, which he said would withhold money to “controversial entities like Planned Parenthood.”

One bill restricts how much Planned Parenthood can be reimbursed for prescription drugs, stripping it of an estimated $4 million a year, according to Planned Parenthood. A second measure is expected to cut another $3.5 million in government payments to Planned Parenthood because it provides abortions.

Walker signed the bills at Life’s Connection, a clinic in Waukesha specializing in abortion alternatives.