September 15, 2010

It was certainly an interesting primary in Polk County.  As a conservative and fair weather Republican, I found it very interesting to see that there was no democrat running for Polk County Sheriff.  Were the democrats unable to find anyone who wanted to be sheriff who was willing to admit to being a democrat?

I was told that democrat party leaders told the party faithful that they should vote for a Republican candidate for sheriff.  That’s amazing!  It might also explain why there were about a thousand more votes cast in the republican primary for sheriff than there were in the republican primary for –oh— Lt Governor—Sec. of State— Attorney General—etc.

Why, there were 555 more votes cast in the sheriff primary than for the primary contest for Governor, 599 more votes cast for sheriff in the primary than were cast in a tight race for U.S. Congress to replace “Tax and Cuss” Obey.   Democrat party leadership told the party faithful to vote Republican in this primary?  That is truly amazing!

The party that celebrated the election of democrat majorities in the state legislature and the U.S. Congress and the coronation of Obama so intensely at the Tac on Highway H a year ago last November-(that party was SO intense that it apparently led to a couple of divorces and a broken up engagement.—now that’s a party!)– is now admitting their failure by telling the democrat faithful that they can’t even find candidates that are willing to admit to being democrat?

I, of course, think it’s great that democrats would so actively support Republican candidates.  It’s good practice for them.  Now that they know they can vote Republican and the sky won’t fall on them, it will be easier for them to vote for Republicans in November.  Then we will be rid of the assemblyman who cast the deciding vote on the worst state budget ever and we’ll have Eric Severson representing US in the legislature instead of Ann Hraychuck representing the democrat party line first and us not at all.

We can rid ourselves of the curse of Dave Obey by electing Sean Duffy to congress rather than Obey’s choice, who will –if elected– continue to tax and tax and tax until we’re are no longer a nation. Obey-as much as any other single person– is responsible for the horrible financial mess our country is in.  He writes these God-awful stimulus bills that are nothing but taxpayer-funded gifts to democrat supporters.

Why would we want anyone that he would recommend in Congress?  Obey is as much the face of failure in Washington as Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.

So welcome aboard democrats.  While the big Republican tent is getting a little crowded, what with all the independents and moderates trying to squeeze in, we can certainly make room for our democrat friends as long as they are willing to continue to vote for conservatives.

Would you like some TEA?

Bob Blake