Dear Friends,

Brad-CourtneyI am pleased to report that the 2015 State Convention in La Crosse was a resounding success! Activists from across the state gathered to get the training needed for victory in 2016. We also heard from our elected leaders about state and national priorities. As a result, our Party has the momentum and strength needed to make history again in 2016!

On that note, we now have an announced challenger to Senator Ron Johnson. Russ Feingold has returned from his current home in California to reclaim his lost power. Feingold represents everything wrong with Washington – including voting for Obamacare and the failed stimulus. His radical agenda greatly increased our national debt and made it harder to achieve the American Dream.

It is vital that we continue working to remind voters of Feingold’s failed record. That means recruiting more Community Captains, pushing our message on social media, and talking to our friends, family, and neighbors about the election. At the local level, we must also place a renewed emphasis on identifying, recruiting, and training candidates in counties across the state. A strong grassroots infrastructure will make the difference on Election Day.

If we work together and grow the Red to the Roots movement, we will protect Senator Johnson and deliver our ten electoral votes to a Republican Presidential Nominee!

As always, thank you for your hard work.

On Wisconsin,

Brad Courtney
Republican Party of Wisconsin