Walker KleefischMadison, Wis. – Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch received the endorsement of the Physicians for Responsible Government today for the upcoming recall election. Physicians for Responsible Government is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting free market forces and limited government as a means toward a healthier society and stronger economy.

“Along with Governor Walker, Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch is making Wisconsin safer and healthier,” said Dr. Saied Assef, a Green Bay anesthesiologist and president of Physicians for Responsible Government. “This kind of leadership should be rewarded not recalled. We are grateful for their efforts, and we proudly offer our enthusiastic endorsement in the upcoming recall election.”

In response to the endorsement, Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch stated:

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Physicians for Responsible Government. Together, over the past 17 months, we have made tremendous strides for our most vulnerable citizens and Wisconsin’s healthcare industry. Under the Walker/Kleefisch administration, we have invested $1.2 billion in additional funding for Medicaid and repaid over $200 million in funds that had been raided from the Injured Patients Compensation Fund. I thank the Physicians for Responsible Government for its endorsement and look forward to working with patients, physicians, and healthcare providers to make healthcare more affordable for all.”