Madison, WI – On Tuesday, Gov. Tony Evers released another inflammatory statement regarding the police shooting in Kenosha. The Republican Party of Wisconsin issued the following statement from Chairman Andrew Hitt demanding that Evers apologize and retract his reckless statement blaming police:

“Gov. Tony Evers again hijacked a tragedy for his own political purposes. Instead of bringing a sense of calm to the state, Tony Evers decided to ignore the facts and sow division. When Tony Evers added fuel to the fire without having the facts last summer, it had disastrous consequences. Instead of apologizing when the evidence proved him wrong, Tony Evers doubled down.”

Chairman Hitt also called out Josh Kaul for his statements following the charging decision:

“Liberal activist Attorney General Josh Kaul appointed Noble Wray as the use of force expert in this case. The facts are clear, and the faux-outrage from Democrats after the state’s investigation produced evidence that didn’t match their narrative is completely self-serving.”

Press Release:

The Polk County Republican Party supports the difficult decisions made by the Kenosha County Distract Attorney, who after carefully reviewing the case, decided not to charge the officers involved in the Jacob Blake shooting.

Under intense public and government scrutiny, the Kenosha County District Attorney made the unpopular but correct, decision to not file any criminal charges against police officers.

Despite the overwhelming evidence supporting the District Attorney’s decision, Democrat Governor Tony Evers only offered a statement which further divides the citizens of Wisconsin and prolongs the healing process we need to move forward.

His statement regarding this incident and the District Attorney’s decision are offensive and inappropriate, and the Polk County Republican Party of Wisconsin joins the Republican Party of Wisconsin in demanding that Governor Evers apologize and retract his reckless statement blaming police.