Scott WalkerThe Facts Show That Wisconsin Is Moving Forward Under Scott Walker:

Governor Walker Eliminated The Historic $3.6 Billion Deficit Without Raising Taxes. The Department  of Administration also predicted that the state would have a 154.5 million at the end of fiscal year 2013. (2011 Wisconsin Act 32; Todd Richmond, “Walker projects state will have $154.5 million budget surplus by 2013,” State Journal 5/10/12)

Governor Walker Signed A True Property Tax Freeze And Reduced The Property Tax Bill For The Median Valued Homeowner For The First Time In 12 Years. School property taxes also went down by $47 million, the first reduction in six years. (2011 Wisconsin Act 32; Steven Walters, “Breaking down the property tax dip,” Journal Sentinel, 4/21/12; Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance,, accessed 3/22/12)

Taxpayers Have Saved Over A Billion Dollars Due To Governor Walker Fundamental Reforms. The savings achieved by state and local governments and school districts exceeded $1,046,369,388 in health and pension contributions and health plan design changes. (Office of the Governor, ”Reforms and Results,”, accessed 5/16/12)

Wisconsin Added 23,321 Jobs In 2011. The actual data derived directly from Wisconsin employers show a net change from the original estimates to this reliable census of over 57,000 jobs. The data obtained directly from over 96 percent, or about 160,000 Wisconsin employers show that Wisconsin added 23,321 jobs in 2011, not the 33,900 loss that was previously believed. (Craig Gilbert, “Walker speeds release of positive jobs data,” Journal Sentinel, 5/15/12)

Wisconsin Has Created 10,100 Private Sector Jobs In 2012 Under Governor Walker. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website,, accessed 5/17/12)

Wisconsin Has Created 13,400 Manufacturing Jobs Since Governor Walker Took Office. Wisconsin ranked in the top ten states (8) for creation of manufacturing jobs in 2011 and 2012. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website,, accessed 5/25/12)

Wisconsin Unemployment Rate Is 6.7 Percent In April of 2012, The Lowest Since 2008. (BLS, Local Area Unemployment Statistics, accessed 5/15/12)

Initial Unemployment Claims Lowest In Past 5 Years. (Dept. Of Revenue, “Changing the spot of the ball,” PowerPoint, March 2012)

  •  The Continued Unemployment Insurance Claims Are Below 2011, 2010 and 2009 Levels. The number of people that continue on unemployment has dropped to 10.86 percent below 2011 levels, consistent with the falling unemployment rate and the quarterly jobs data. (Dept. Of Revenue, “Changing the spot of the ball,” PowerPoint, March 2012)

Wisconsin Per Capita Income Growth In 2011 Was In Top 25 Percent Of Entire Nation. Wisconsin’s per capita income is growing, now 11th in the nation. (US Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis, “State Personal Income 2011,” Press Release, 3/28/11)

In Fiscal Year 2012, Tax Collection Are Exceeding Estimates In All Three Major Categories- Income Taxes, Corporate Taxes And Sales Taxes.  (Dept. Of Revenue, “Changing the spot of the ball,” PowerPoint, March 2012)

The Number Of New Businesses Entities Formed In Wisconsin Was 13,006. This is an increase of 11.9 percent compared to the first four months of 2011. (Dept. of Financial Institutions, “New Business Formation in Wisconsin Up 11.9% over Prior Year,” Press Release, 5/14/12)