Scott Walker

Despite The Cries From Opponents, Gov. Walker Put Politics Aside To Move Wisconsin Forward:

96% Of The Laws Signed by Governor Walker Received Support From Republicans, Democrats Or The Independent Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer.

  • Ziegelbauer  Was Elected In 1992 As A Democrat Was Reelected Over Sixteen Years As A Democrat. Prior to the 2010 election, Rep. Ziegelbauer switch parties because “they became more enthusiastic about big government and big tax increases.” (Patrick Marley, “Ziegelbauer drops (D); plans to run as (I),” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 06/21/10)

On His First Day In Office, Gov. Walker Called A Special Session On Jobs and Asked The Legislature To Come Together To Pass Bold Reforms To Create Jobs For Wisconsin. Ten of the eleven special session proposals signed by Gov. Walker received bipartisan support.

NOTE: The Only Act Not Supported By Democrats In Gov. Walker’s Emergency Special Session On Jobs Was 2011 Wisconsin Act 2. This Act eliminated frivolous lawsuits and improved the litigation climate for families and job creators. (2011 Wisconsin Act 2)

Gov. Walker Knows That The Leaders of Tomorrow Will Come From The Education System Of Today; It Is Too Important To Allow Partisan Differences To Cloud Our Children’s Future:

Gov. Walker Is Making Sure That Wisconsin Schools Are Preparing Our Students For Tomorrow. Gov. Walker and Democrat State School Superintendent Tony Evers have repeatedly locked horns this year on Gov. Walker’s reforms, but “both say they are excited about their collaboration which is also bringing together a number of public and private education backers who also have clashed in the past.” (“Political foes unite on education accountability,”, 07/09/11)

Editorial Boards Have Joined With Governor Walker In Calling To Put Aside Partisan Politics To Move Wisconsin Schools Forward. “Gov. Scott Walker and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers are busy showing what can be done when people think less about short-term political advantage and more about actual accomplishments. Their recently announced plan to revise school performance measures is a really good idea which deserves to be supported and developed.” (Editorial, “New school measurement plan deserves support,” Racine Journal Times, 07/15/11)

By Signing Act 166 Into Law, Governor Walker Is Implementing The Major Recommendations Of His Read To Lead Task Force. The legislation passed with wide bipartisan support, 80-14 in the Assembly and 20-13 in the Senate. Democrats Tim Cullen, Jim Holperin and Julie Lassa joined the Republicans in the affirmative vote to improve education in Wisconsin. (2011 Senate Bill 461)