Scott Walker

National Democrat Committees, Labor Unions, And Third-Party Groups Have Spent Millions Helping Democrats During The 2012 Recall Election:

The DNC Has Given $1.4 Million To Wisconsin For 2012 Cycle. “The DNC has directed $1.4 million to Wisconsin so far in the 2012 cycle with $800,000 of that coming since November” (Chris Cillizza, “DNC pushes back on Wisconsin recall criticism,” The Washington Post, 5/17/2012)

The DGA Has Spent $3 Million On The Wisconsin Recall Effort. “ In total, the DGA has spent $3 million on the recall effort”  (Cathy Huey-Burns, “DGA Pours $1 Million More Into Wis. Recall Effort,” Real Clear Politics, 5/24/2012)

We Are Wisconsin Spent More Than $2 Million On The Recall Election This Year, And Close To 10.8 Million On Democrats In The Previous Recall Election. “The first group spent nearly $10.8 million helping Democrats in last year’s summer recall races and more than $2 million more this year”  (Daniel Bice, “Barrett, Walker have one thing in common: Out-of-state donors,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/20/2012)

  • National and State Labor Unions Have Given Millions to We Are Wisconsin. “State and national unions have poured millions of dollars into creating, staffing and funding two front groups – We Are Wisconsin and Wisconsin for Falk (Daniel Bice, “Barrett, Walker have one thing in common: Out-of-state donors,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/20/2012)
  • We Are Wisconsin Received Majority Of Funding From National Unions In First Round Of Recalls. “During last summer’s Senate recall elections, We Are Wisconsin led the spending and laid out $10.7 million, with most of that coming from national unions.” (Larry Sandler, Patrick Marley and Jason Stein, “Barrett to get union ad backing,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/18/2012)

 The Greater Wisconsin Political Fund Has Received A Large Portion Of Its Funding From Out Of State. “While the group is based in Wisconsin and it received $1 million from the state teacher’s union, much of its funding does come from out of state.”  (Robert Hornacek, “Out of state money pours into Wisconsin,” FOX 11, 5/2/2012)

  •  The DGA Has Given $900,000 To The Greater Wisconsin Political Fund. “The Democratic Governors Association contributed $900,000 this week to the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund, which has been running ads in support of the Democratic mayor in his challenge to Gov. Scott Walker in the June 5 recall election.” (Jason Stein, “$1.5 million comes in for Dem groups in recall,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/24/2012)