Senator Feingold continues to break his infamous “garage door pledge” to raise a majority of his funds in Wisconsin.

Russ FeingoldIn 1992, Senator Feingold promised to raise money from Wisconsinites. But now outside special interests dollars are central to his desperate campaign to win a Senate seat.

  • Last year, Feingold raised only 43% of his money from Wisconsin, well short of his long held pledge.[1]
  • This year, it will only get worse.
  • Feingold has become the classic elite politician, relying on the east coast and west coast to raise big money for his campaign.

Feingold used to decry PAC involvement, until he formed Progressives United.

Another blatant hypocrisy is Senator Feingold’s own PAC, Progressives United. This PAC served as a personal ATM for Feingold’s political operation after he was kicked out of Washington.

  • In 1995, Senator Feingold voted to ban PAC contributions, saying they “have undermined public confidence in the Senate.”[2]
  • After he was kicked out of office, he started Progressives United, a political action committee that paid Feingold and his staff millions.[3]
  • The PAC gave only 5% of its income to other candidates and political parties.[4]
  • The group also spent thousands on leather bound copies of Feingold’s book.[5]
  • Progressives United was nothing more than a campaign-in-waiting as Feingold plotted his return to the United State Senate.[6]

Senator Feingold once decried outside groups, but now gladly accepts their help.

In 2010, Senator Feingold told the DSCC to “get the hell” out of Wisconsin, but now Feingold is accepting the Washington group’s money and support.

  • In 2010, Senator Feingold asked the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee not to spend money in Wisconsin.[7]
  • He even used the phrase: “get the hell out of my state.”[8]
  • Now, Senator Feingold is not only accepting DSCC money, but the group is heavily involved in the current U.S Senate race.
  • Another left-leaning outside group has begun launching radio ads against Ron Johnson, and Feingold remains silent, even though their claims are false and it completely contradicts his previous promises to Wisconsin voters.[9]
  • There are multiple special interest groups from outside of Wisconsin coming to Senator Feingold’s defense.