ronjohnsonLast week, a Marquette University Law Poll was released and showed a close race between Ron Johnson and Senator Russ Feingold.  As more Wisconsinites become reacquainted with Senator Feingold, Ron continues to gain momentum.

  • According to the August Marquette University Law Poll, Ron has gained a tremendous amount of momentum over the past few months.[1]
  • As voters begin to tune-in and learn more about Senator Feingold’s extreme liberal agenda and campaign finance hypocrisy, his numbers continue to decline.
  • Republicans have reintroduced Senator Russ Feingold to the state, and voters are being reminded why they rejected him in 2010.  Between April and August, the Marquette poll shows fewer voters view Feingold favorably, and a growing number of voters view him unfavorably.
  • The poll also revealed that between April and August, more Wisconsinites believe the state is headed in the right direction.

Reports surfaced that highlighted Senator Russ Feingold’s broken “garage door pledge,” which stated that he would raise the majority of his campaign money in Wisconsin.  The National Journal analyzed Senator Feingold’s campaign finance report, in which he raised over 57% of his campaign funds from outside the state.[2]  Voters are now utilizing the hashtag #BrokenPromises on social media to highlight Feingold’s hypocrisy.

Senator Russ Feingold: Ultimate Hypocrite

  • In 2010, Senator Russ Feingold renewed his promise to raise the majority of his campaign funds in Wisconsin.[3]
  • Feingold broke his promise in 2015 after reports showed most of his contributions came from outside Wisconsin.
  • Further cementing Senator Feingold’s decision to break his campaign finance pledge, the Daily Caller reports that he has accepted donations from big-time Hollywood liberals.
  • Senator Feingold’s red carpet donors include Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, Tim Disney, Bradley Whitford, and Kate Capshaw.
  • After spending nearly 20 years in Washington, Senator Feingold has simply lost touch with Main Street, Wisconsin.

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