Vote Tuesday, February 17th. Tuesday is the primary in the race for state superintendent of schools and there are two conservative candidates vying to run Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction – Rose Fernandez and Van Mobley.

Tony Evers is the establishment’s candidate, has been endorsed by the Wisconsin Education Association Council – WEAC – and is a liberal.
Check out the following statements from the Fernandez and Mobley campaigns on why you should vote for them Tuesday. Get out to the polls Tuesday and vote for a conservative candidate to head DPI.
Get to know the candidates:

Rose Fernandez
We don’t have to wait until 2010 to win. Tuesday, we can support Rose Fernandez. Unlike her opponents, she’s not part of the education bureaucracy, and she’s the only candidate to reject calls to ‘rejigger’ the tax system which would result in massive tax hikes.
This isn’t just about investing in education. It’s about the return on what taxpayers invest.
Tony Evers will be WEAC’s pro-spending, pro-status quo candidate. While Van Mobley is a good person, his support for an increase in the sales tax, and his opposition to expanding school choice and charter opportunities is not the way we fight back.
State Senator Kanavas and State Reps Davis and Vukmir are supporting Rose because they know she can take on WEAC and Win. Because she already has. See her remarkable story: www.ChangeDPI.com; and remember to vote for Rose Fernandez Tuesday.
Don’t stay home. Vote for Rose Fernandez Tuesday.

Van Mobley
On Tuesday you can choose a pragmatic conservative reformer for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
As a Ph.D. graduate of UW-Madison, a Concordia University Wisconsin Professor and Administrator, and a parent of two children in public schools I know firsthand what works and what must be improved in our education systems. As Superintendent I will make sure our schools rigorously teach the basics, reform the Milwaukee Public Schools, defend Milwaukee’s school choice program, and protect homeschoolers.
The village of Thiensville, where I am a trustee, is one of only four municipalities in the state that is entirely debt free. This did not happen by accident. I will bring frugality and accountability to DPI and will work to retain the QEO and other cost controls, cut your taxes, and maintain affordable higher education.    I ask for your vote on February 17. Check out my web site at www.vanmobley.com
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