Chaos in Tehran, the North Korean Missile Crisis, China a Stock Hold in the United States – What is Obama’s plan for National Security?  People wanted change and voted for Obama, now they may be fearing the changes that they voted for and more.

Chaos around the world is coming close to home because world leaders view the President as weak and America as a target.

It seems like Democrats plans to make the world like America again has backfired as world leaders are casting insults at President Obama and his Administration.  North Korea’s missile and nuclear tests are only mocking the president and confirming to the world that he is not prepared to handle this crisis.  Obama’s non-response on Tehran is seen by some as a soft spot for Islamic leaders in the Middle-East.

Obama’s right hand man, Vice President Biden is MIA and so is all that experience that was supposed to give us comfort during that election.  Apparently Obama has silenced Biden to make sure he doesn’t say something else that will embarrass the county and the President.

We are on the brink of something big happening, just like the now VP Biden warned us about on the campaign trail.  The world will test Obama…what everyone should be wondering now is: “What is Obama’s plan for National Security?”

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