In just the first 64 days since taking office, President Obama had broken more promises than an even his most loyal supporters could have imagined.  Now losing support from his base, Obama is scrambling to explain why he has flip flopped on so many key issues.  He has lost all credibility on being “transparent” and his leadership team is looking more like the who’s who in San Quintin and less like the who’s who in Washington.

Consider joining Conservatives and Liberals from across the nation that want to stop Obama’s Socialist Agenda before it becomes irreversible.  Real change needs to take place in 2010 and we are gearing up for the biggest Grassroots effort in Conservative history.  Economists, Obama advisers, and leaders of nations from around the world have begun to speculate that Obama’s plan will spell certain doom to the the US economy and the Worlds.

What is more scary, it seems like a well planned attack on Capitalism and the foundation of our prosperous nation.  Many are left wondering if Obama is conspiring to bring an imminent collapse of the World economy to institute a socialist agenda or worse, a new world currency that would replace the dollar.

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