Faced with plummeting poll numbers, Democrats are 

pushing a scheme to dramatically alter Wisconsin’s elections

 by passing sweeping changes to our elections laws at the 11

th hour. Assembly Bill 895 and Senate Bill 640, introduced last week and given a public hearing without so much as a cost estimate, were already rubber-stamped by Democrat committee members in both houses of the legislature this morning. The bills are being fast-tracked for approval by the full legislature by the end of its session in mid-April.


Based on the strong opposition voiced at a public hearing yesterday, these bills require further vetting before moving forward—and full vetting certainly cannot happen with just days left in the legislative session. Take action today by telling your legislators to STOP attempts to sneak through election law changes!


In addition to a lack of widespread public awareness, these bills would:


  • Increase registration of ineligible voters with motor voter registrations
  • Make sensitive voter information available across state agencies
  • Make the absentee voting process less secure by implementing satellite voting locations
  • Restrict a citizen’s right to challenge an unqualified voter in a race with statewide importance
  • Permit reverse voter intimidation for legitimate election observers

All while failing to provide for voluntary or mandatory voter ID measures


Rushing through sweeping changes to Wisconsin’s voting laws should not happen overnight. It almost seems Legislative Democrats have been taking lessons from Nancy Pelosi on transparency, as this morning committees voted on these bills less than 24 hours after a public hearing ended, leaving little time for Republicans to draft amendments on significant and flawed legislation.


We’ve got to join together and take action today to stop these dangerous bills!


Please call or email your legislators today and tell them to stop these “Valid Voter Disenfranchisement” bills in their tracks!


And remember to 
tell your friends and neighbors to take action today.  


Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.



Reince Priebus

Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin

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