Yet another Doyle Tax Increase – Now it’s Your Property Taxes!

The billions of dollars of sales, income and employer tax hikes in Governor Jim Doyle’s budget are already well-documented. However, late last week taxpayers received even more bad news. The independent Legislative Fiscal Bureau forecasted that Doyle’s budget will drive property taxes up by nearly $250 over the next two years.

This is the last thing financially strapped families need to hear from state government, and it appears that the hard-working people of Wisconsin are fed up. Mounting evidence of a taxpayer revolt can be found through the groundswell of taxpayer protests against Doyle’s budget and tax increases.

You can make sure Governor Doyle and the Legislature get the message by attending the Taxpayer Tea Party in Madison on April 15. It is sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of Americans for Prosperity.

Doyle Unleashes Smear against Scott

From the beginning, liberals like Jim Doyle couldn’t understand why Scott wouldn’t go running with a tin cup and beg for so-called “free” stimulus money. They found it galling that he would outline conditions for taking any federal funds at all. The battle took place over several weeks through the media, culminating with an op-ed from Scott that ran in The Wall Street Journal.

On Thursday, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin shifted tactics when they announced a negative television ad campaign against Scott that would begin on Easter Sunday. Talk radio hosts and bloggers jumped on the story. Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling took up Scott’s cause on the air saying Democrats clearly fear his potential candidacy for Governor. Why else, they asked, would an attack ad go up 17 months before an election?

You can help combat the liberal efforts to stop Scott from speaking out.

  • Write a letter to the editor and let people know that you stand with Scott. Click here for a great example.
  • Help Scott continue spreading his message of fiscal restraint and government reform by contributing here.

Join Scott at State Convention!

Please¬†join Scott and Tonette at this year’s Republican Party State Convention! The Convention will take place May 1-3 in La Crosse. Over the course of the weekend, Scott will participate in wide variety of activities including the annual County Chairmen Banquet, lunch with the Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women, an early morning walk along the Mississippi River, a Reception with the Republican Young Professionals, and the Sunday morning Prayer Breakfast.

On Saturday night, Scott will host a fantastic Hospitality Suite, and we invite you to attend as our special guest.

Attending the State Convention is a great way to show your support for Scott! Email if you plan to attend and would like to volunteer for Scott while there. You can also click here for additional event details. See you in La Crosse!

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