With President Trump signing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, he has signed 81 legislative accomplishments in his first year to provide significant tax cuts, decrease regulations, boost the U.S. economy, protect our homeland, and restore respect to the United States.

Jobs and the economy

  • The tax reform bill provided $5.5 billion in cuts and repealed the Obamacare mandate.
  • It appears the US will have the 3rd straight quarter of economic growth above 3%.
  • Creation of 1.7 million new jobs, cutting unemployment to 4.1

Killing job-stifling regulations

  • Signed an Executive Order demanding that two regulations be killed for every new one created. The Trump administration actually cut 22 rules and regulations for every one created, saving $8.1 billion.
  • Signed 15 congressional regulatory cuts.
  • Withdrew from the Obama-era Paris Climate Agreement and Trump stopped payments to the Green Climate Fund, “a massive redistribution of US wealth to other countries”
  • The Trump EPA under Scott Pruitt dismantled the Waters of the United States Act

Fair trade

  • Made good on his campaign promise to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • Opened up the North American Free Trade Agreement to better the deal for the U.S.

Protecting America

  • Laid out new principles for reforming immigration and announced plan to end “chain migration,” which lets one legal immigrant to bring in dozens of family members.
  • Made progress to build the border wall with Mexico.
  • Added some 100 new immigration judges.
  • ISIS in Syria And Iraq has lost its territory, because  Trump allowed commanders on the ground manage the war.

Protecting communities

  • Justice announced grants of $98 million to fund 802 new cops.
  • Homeland rounded up nearly 800 MS-13 members, an 83 percent one-year increase.
  • 92% of 101,722 illegal aliens arrested by ICE either had a criminal conviction or a pending criminal charge, were a ICE fugitive or were an illegal re-entrant.


  • President Trump won his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.
  • Trump has nominated 73 federal judges.
  • The US Senate approved 12 federal appeals court judges.
  • Called for a full audit of the Pentagon and its spending.

Combatting Opioids

  • The president declared a Nationwide Public Health Emergency on opioids.
  • The administration added $500 million to fight the crisis.

Protecting life

  • Trump expands policy that bans US aid for overseas abortion providers.
  • Worked with Congress on a bill overturning a regulation that blocked states from defunding abortion providers.
  • Published guidance to block Obamacare money from supporting abortion.
  • Signed four important Laws to improve the life’s of Veterans.

Support for Israel

  • Made good on a campaign promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The United Nations

  • Nikki Haley has used her U.N. position to stand up for American interests and U.S. allies. She has called out the Russian government for chemical weapon shipments into Syria, the Iranian regime for its support for terror, or North Korea’s hell-bent quest to develop nuclear weapons.