May 3, 2012

Scott Walker


 Madison, Wis. – Governor Scott Walker received the endorsement of the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association [WCGA] today for the upcoming recall election. The WCGA is an organization that supports the production and use of corn as food, feed, and fuel for Wisconsin.

“Walker has been a great Governor for rural Wisconsin,” said WCGA President Brian Long.  “He understands the challenges we face from over regulation, and he has put the state back in a strong fiscal position. We feel that Walker has assembled the most farmer-friendly administration in many years,” added Long.  “Ag Secretary Ben Brancel is a great leader for production agriculture and for the first time in many years, we actually feel that the DNR and DOT are listening to us.”

In reaction to the endorsement, Governor Walker said:

“Over the last 16 months we have given farmers greater opportunity to grow and thrive in Wisconsin by reforming the state’s regulatory burden and lowering statewide property taxes for the first time in over a decade. Family farmers are responsible for growing 90 percent of America’s corn, which is why we must do everything we can to ensure their success. I am honored to receive this endorsement.”