November 8, 2012
Polk County, WI

Dear Conservatives,

Thank you for your hard work over the last year – fighting for America, Wisconsin, your family, and your freedom.  We fought a valiant fight and we did our job as planned.  Although some of our candidates fell to the liberals in Madison, Milwaukee, and the rest of the United States – Polk County can hold its head up high, because we were successful in our grassroots efforts.

Polk County successfully carried the votes for conservative candidates in every election on the ballot.  We celebrate and congratulate Congressman Duffy’s, State Senator Sheila Harsdorf’s, and State Assemblyman Erik Severson’s re-election victories.  We also are thankful that Republicans maintained the majority in the State Assembly and regained the majority in the State Senate.

Although the majority of Polk County voted for former Governor Tommy Thompson and the Romney/Ryan ticket, we were saddened that the rest of the state and country did not.  As a country, we were successful in maintaining the majority in the House of Representatives, but  we failed to gain the majority in the US Senate. We were also unsuccessful at removing President Barack Obama from power.

A divided America spoke on election night and the majority’s votes re-elected a president that has done more harm to our great country in four years than any other president in history.  Conservatives are realizing today that a majority of American’s have been conditioned to believe that Big Government and a nanny state is the answer any problem.  While we know it to be false and in reality impossible to sustain, those who voted for these lies are willing to give up all their freedoms and liberties for the promises of a pile of free stuff and cradle to grave care by a nosier, bossier and growing government.

Our job now is to minimize the damage to our constitutional freedoms planned by President Obama in the next 4 years. This may be our hardest fight yet. We need to hold Congress to the tasks at hand and work to retake the senate in the next election!  We need to publicly expose the lies and the cover-ups perpetrated by the biased media. We’ve been betrayed by the press and it is up to us to get the truth out to the public – for as long as we have a 1st Amendment to do so.

So, take solace – Conservatism is not dead…no it is still alive and well! We will recover and reform our lines again. This time stronger, smarter, and in greater numbers.  We have lost this battle, but we still can fight for America. Please don’t lose heart now – your future, your kids and grand kids future, depends on our success.

In the coming days, high paid strategists and analysts will be studying this election – trying to figure out what went wrong, how we lost, and what to do next.  The answer is simple.  We were beat because we allow liberals to educate us in every stage of life. We gave (give) our kids to them to educate from birth through college and then wonder why they are confused and unable to think for themselves. We inundate ourselves and our families with liberal media – TV shows, movies, books, and entertainment that is in conflict with our personal values and then wonder why our kids are corrupt.  We wholeheartedly trust the mainstream media to inform us about what is important to us and then believe it to be true because it was on the internet or some cable news show…most of us not realizing we are misled and often determined to be willfully ignorant.

We lost this election because Barack Obama tapped into the misinformed youth and adults and told them what they wanted to hear to get their vote. He made promises he can not keep and said things to make them feel valuable in order to create an army of useful minions. But they were deceived. They were easy prey because we allowed them to be dumbed down by the liberal’s agenda design for such a time as this. We no longer teach about the founding fathers and basics of personal freedom. This failure was the culmination of decades of bad personal and political decisions stemming from our own selfishness and compromise on our convictions.

So, can it be fixed?  Can we do something at this point?

Yes, we can fix this, but we won’t get out of this mess anytime soon and the longer we wait to start correcting the problem, the longer it will take to set things right.


The best way to fix a problem is to acknowledge it exists – then take appropriate steps to correct it.  The problem is ignorance.  The solution is knowledge. The objective is education. We need to educate ourselves, our friends, and our kids about the history of this country, its founders, and the Constitution.  We need to expose their agenda – socialism, communism, environmentalism, feminism, and political correctness is openly taught in our government schools and conservatives rarely say anything against it.  We need to be able to give an educated response to their ideologies and take action against the indoctrination of our kids and even ourselves.  We can not simply rely on Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to do the work anymore – we need to engage each other and stand up for our values, beliefs and convictions.  Only then, will we win back the young, the old and begin to take back our nation.

5 Simple Steps

  1. Get Involved – Join the Polk County Republican Party and actively participate in our activities or events.
  2. Educate Yourself – We have audio & video resources available to bring you up-to-speed on the liberal’s agenda.  Join us at an event, host a meeting in your home or watch a video in your spare time.  Information is power!
  3. Ask questions and then give answers.  Become a person who asks questions first.  Find out what people believe and why.  Most people believe what they believe based on bad information.  When you ask them questions, you will find open doors to gently correct the errors and share with them the facts.
  4. Build relationships – “A person convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”  Scripture says, “A gentle answer turns away wrath.” Prov. 15:1  Don’t aggressively try to change minds – It doesn’t work. Ask questions, build relationships, and gently persuade them with the truth out of a care for them personally – not to prove you’re right.
  5. Never Give Up – You’re job isn’t to change everyone’s minds.  Some will get it and some won’t, but if you plant a conservative idea properly, it may grow when someone else waters it.


The Polk County Republican Party