CONTACT: Erik Severson
Candidate calls on Hraychuck to hear from people in her district, not Milwaukee residents

Osceola… Candidate for Assembly, Erik Severson, expressed disappointment this week after hearing that his opponent was actively raising money in Milwaukee. For the second time in one week, Representative Ann Hraychuck (D-Balsam Lake) is holding a fundraiser outside her district in the Milwaukee Area. The first was on Sunday, October 3rd in Franklin, WI and the second was held in Milwaukee on October 7th. Hraychuck has turned to Milwaukee after being outraised by Severson $14,432 to $2,955 in the last reporting period.

“Who is Rep. Hraychuck working to represent? The people of the 28th Assembly District or the big money people in Milwaukee?” Severson asked. “Instead of doing the hard work of raising money in the district she is running to the easy money from people on the other side of the state. Times are tough in our district right now as jobs are being lost, we need a representative that understands that and isn’t spending all her time in Madison in Milwaukee.”

In addition to the Milwaukee fundraisers, Severson pointed to the fact that Hraychuck spent more time in Madison than any other legislator in 2009. She maxed out on per diems, or stipends for working in Madison, with 153 days in 2009 more than the Speaker or Majority Leader of the Assembly. Legislators receive an additional $88 in salary every day they are in Madison. Her total per diem collection in 2009 was over $13,000.

“I will be a representative for the people of the 28th District,” said Severson. “I can promise that I will spend as much time as possible in the district hearing from the people I represent. I have focused on raising money in my district from the people I hope to represent.”

“If elected my focus will be on helping make Wisconsin competitive for employers so they want to move here, grow and thrive,” said Severson. “Madison has lost touch with reality in Wisconsin and I will to bring some much needed common sense.”

Severson is running for the 28th Assembly District which consists of a majority of Polk County and portions of Burnett and St. Croix Counties. He is a doctor at the Osceola Medical Center and lives in the Osceola area with his wife and two children.