Republican State Convention
Rothschild, WI

The Republican Party of Polk County received the Star Award at the annual state convention on May 4th 2013. Recipients of the award must meet a criteria of points weighed on various grassroots activities such as number of meetings held, participation in local parades and festivals and membership goals.

United States Congressman Sean Duffy, dressed in lumberjack plaid flannel, served as convention chair. 2013 was the first time the 7th Congressional District hosted the Republican Party of Wisconsin state convention. Over 1,000 members, delegates, and guests attended; a record for a non-election year. Along with receiving the Star Award, the Polk County Republicans participated in a food drive that collected over 2,100 pounds of non-perishable items for the Hunger Coalition of the United Way.

Polk County Republicans Award

Past County Chair Sandy Fretwell received the Star Award on behalf of local members. The Star Award was presented by Republican Party of Wisconsin leader Brad Courtney, along with Governor Scott Walker and House Budget Committee Chair and former Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.