NORTHWEST WISCONSIN Several Polk County residents have formed a grassroots organization to protest the out of control spending and rising taxes that are coming out of Washington, Madison, and even local governments.

This organization has partnered with Americans for Prosperity and its Director, Mark Block, to organize the Northwestern Wisconsin Tax Rally. The rally will be held on the parking lot of the Polk County Government Center in Balsam Lake on Saturday, May 30, at 11 a.m..

Local organizers are inviting everyone who feels the burden of too many taxes to participate in this peaceful protest. According to Joey Monson-Lilly, a local Polk County Resident and one of the featured speakers at the rally, the event is non-partisan and Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are encouraged to participate.

The event will take place rain or shine and attendees are encouraged to bring flags, homemade signs, and their friends and family.

Guest speakers include:
Pastor David King of Milwaukee
Mark Block, Americans for Prosperity
Dave Ross, Mayor of Superior
Sean Duffy, District Atty. Ashland County
Bob Blake, Polk County resident
Joey Monson-Lillie, Polk County resident

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