Walker Kleefisch
Governor WalkerWaukesha, Wis. – Governor Scott Walker won Wisconsin’s historic recall election tonight, making him the first governor in United States history to survive a recall attempt.

“This is such a tremendous victory for Wisconsin taxpayers,” said Ciara Matthews, Walker campaign communications director. “Today, Wisconsin voters have told the nation they stand with Governor Walker because he stands with them.”

Following his victory over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Governor Walker  thanked the voters for their support and focused on the future.

Rebecca Kleefisch“Bringing our state together will take some time, but I hope to start right away,” Governor Walker said. “It is time to put our differences aside and figure out ways that we can move Wisconsin forward.”

Governor Walker also spoke about his immediate plans, saying he will meet with his cabinet tomorrow to discuss job creation measures and other actions he will take to bring Wisconsin together, encourage economic growth, and continue to address education reform.