Walker Kleefisch

Thank you Wisconsin!

In yesterday’s recall election, 53% of Wisconsin voters and 60% of Polk County voters said they approve of the job Governor Walker is doing in Madison.  When you review the great things Governor Walker has accomplished, this should not be surprising.  However, the union-led opposition has created turmoil in Wisconsin for more than a year.

Wisconsinites have seen their state government measurably improved in many areas and to reject the leader who caused these improvements would have been a travesty.

Like any business or family, a well run state needs to have a balanced budget. When Governor Walker came into office, Wisconsin had a $3.6 billion budget deficit and we owed the state of Minnesota $58 million in income tax reciprocity payments.  Governor Walker and the Republican led state Senate and Assembly analyzed the situation and instead of taking the often default action of raising taxes, they decided to remove the stranglehold public sector unions had on the state’s finances.

This courageous step has given local school districts and county boards the tools they needed to more efficiently manage their operations, while requiring public workers to begin making modest contributions to their health and retirement benefit accounts.  Several other steps have been taken by Republican Governor Walker and the Republican legislature that make Wisconsin a better place to live and to work.  Among these are Tort Reform, Concealed Carry, the Castle Doctrine, and Voter Photo ID.

The business climate in Wisconsin has improved as a result of the responsible leadership of Governor Walker. Over 33,000 jobs have been created since Governor Walker took office and in a survey, 94% of  business leaders say Wisconsin is on the right path for future job growth.  With the successful record Governor Walker has in place, forcing a recall election was purely a political move by the state’s Democrat Party and its union leader associates.  This expensive and unnecessary action was soundly rejected by the citizens of Wisconsin yesterday.

Now, Governor Walker has made it clear that it is time to move past the recalls and work together to move Wisconsin Forward, not backwards.  Wisconsin has indicated that they approve of Governor Walker’s actions and want them to continue moving forward.  Those who have been protesting in Madison for the past year should accept this and commit to working with Governor Walker to find solutions that include building a responsible, fiscally sound state government agenda.

This election was closely watched by the entire nation.  It was supposed to be the first step in an Obama landslide in November.  Quickly, however, the main stream media began dismissing the importance of the election once Republicans were declared the victors.  The country witnessed an extraordinary event and a solid indication that elected officials who lead with integrity, fairness, courage, and independence will be rewarded with solid support.

Governor Walker’s leadership may give other governors the courage to take on the Public Unions in their states who are suffocating their ability to balance their budgets and grow their economies.  It is also an indication to Democrats that Obama is in real trouble in November and  will likely be a 1 term president.

On,Wisconsin! Forward!

Sandy Fretwell
Chairman Polk County Republican Party