We all have to give credit to and thank Fox News, who have gone above and beyond what other (so called media outlets) have done to expose the agenda of the Obama Administration and for showing patriotism and during the week of September 11th.

It has been 8 long years that we have endured the tragic loss of life, but CNN and MSNBC have partnered with President Obama to declare this solemn date a national day to volunteer instead of a time to remember that a group of terrorists attacked the United States of America.

It is despicable and nauseating to see a President, who has done everything in his power to NOT uphold the Constitution of the United States, continue to destroy the traditions and values of this once great country.  Once a great power in the world, we are now being laughed at and ridiculed.  Once respected, now we are now simply a shrinking influence in world affairs.  Who, by-the-way, will pay for the world’s problems when America is unable to continue to do so?

In only a few months as President, Barack Obama has done irreversible damage in the name of “Change.”  Because of his great leadership, we are now bowing to other country’s leader’s, apologizing for offending the world because we are successful and free, we have nationalized our banks, we have Government Motors, 20+ czars, and we’re working on destroying health care.

However, I do want to acknowledge one thing…transparency.  President Obama, though he has broken just about every campaign promise he can, is being very transparent.  No, he still hasn’t posted the bills on his website with enough time for us to read and give feedback, but we can all see each and every failures that he has done and will do.  And we will remember them in November 2010 and November 2012.

Now, let us have a moment to remember that we were attacked by Muslim Terrorists who want to do it again!  Have a moment of silence, but keep a watchful eye and protect yourself, because your Government isn’t going to do it for you.