One lawmaker on Capitol Hill says President Obama’s budget plan is irresponsible because it “pushes reality down the road.”

Before their two-week recess, House and Senate Democrats passed a $3.5-trillion budget blueprint that contains nearly all of President Obama’s spending requests. Not one Republican in Congress voted for the budget draft, which will be negotiated in conference when members return from their Easter vacation.

This year alone, the U.S. will have a deficit of $2 trillion, which is more than the entire size of the federal government before 2000. Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R-Nebraska) says Washington is spending and borrowing too much.

Jeff Fortenberry“All of this massive debt that’s being piled up is effectively a tax on children. It will be passed along into the future — or it results in the sale of the assets of the country overseas,” he explains. “For instance, we owe China $1 trillion as it stands now.

“Or the factor that will also be combined as a result of all this is inflationary pressure,” he continues, “which is another form of regressive taxation that hurts the most poor and vulnerable among us.”

Fortenberry argues there is a better budget plan, and it involves “saying yes to balanced budgets, fiscal stability, small businesses and entrepreneurs; and saying yes to helping families with economic opportunities so they can get ahead.”