Here is a video of the many speakers at the Tax Cut Rally in Minnesota in 2008.  Well, it is now 2009 and it is getting worse, not better.  Minnesota has its own issues, but Wisconsin is on the forefront of a State Wide Tax-astrophe!  Governor Doyle has alerted us to massive  tax hikes on just about everyone ~even after his pledge that he would not raise taxes.

If your family was already worried about the insane spending from Washington and who is going to pay for it, don’t forget about your state taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, death taxes, cigarette taxes, gas taxes, stadium taxes, social security taxes, and the list goes on and on, but the answer still remains…YOU, your kids, their kids, and their grand kids, will be paying for this for the rest of our lives.

Please get involved and help change what is happening in Washington and Madison!  We need your help and your voice to stand up to Liberals in Washington and Madison before it is actually too late to change the course of the train wreck ahead.

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