This week, the Republican Party of Wisconsin uncovered a 2008 video, in which Mary Burke campaigned on behalf of Barack Obama, even defending the false claims that would become major provisions within the failed healthcare law.  It is curious why Burke has avoided such candor and refused to describe her support for ObamaCare in any detail on her own campaign.

ObamaCare has led to one disaster after another and we deserve a Governor who will move our great state forward, not a Governor that supports failed federal mandates.

In Wisconsin: Small businesses have generated more than sixty percent of net new jobs and employ over half of all private sector employees.  As a result, Mary Burke’s support of the ObamaCare boondoggle hurts:

  • Small Businesses
  • Wisconsin employees
  • Wisconsin’s hard-working taxpayers

Burke on ObamaCare:

  • “It doesn’t mean that the government’s going to tell you which doctors to go to, or which plan to have, or that you have to leave your employers.”
  • “Small businesses, also, will not be hurt…”
  • “Obama would let states be flexible with plans that are working, rather than everyone having to conform to whatever the federal government plan is.”

Facts on ObamaCare:

  • From a disastrous health care law to an uncertain economy, Americans are more frustrated than ever with this President
  • ObamaCare will cost over $1 trillion, and includes $819.3 billion in new taxes
  • The increased costs of Obamacare have also led to a decrease in care and less access to appropriate care
  • This is a law that is an affront to our freedoms and has already negatively affected millions of Americans
  • Under Obama, the average cost of family health care premiums has increased by $3,671 which is a 29 percent increase – from $12,680 to $16,351
  • Under Obama, the average cost of single coverage premiums has increased by $1,180 which is a 25 percent increase – from $4,704 to $5,884
  • Approximately, 5 million Americans received cancellation letters on their current and chosen insurance plans
  • PolitiFact Headline: “Lie Of The Year: ‘If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Keep It’”
  • As PolitiFact stated, “The debate about the health care law rages on, but friends and foes of ObamaCare have found one slice of common ground: The president’s “you can keep it” claim has been a real hit to his credibility.”
  • According to a study released by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce that surveyed 341 job creators:
  • Seventy-eight percent of business leaders blame the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) for the rate increases and 55 percent say that ACA compliance had led to changes in the plans they offer employees.”
  • “Overall, 54 percent say that ACA has had a negative impact on their employees, [and] 30 percent say it is too early to tell.”