I read Jerry Viebrock’s letter to the editor and all his vague statements; like shutting down renewable energy progress.  For power companies to comply with the mandates a percentage of power must come from renewable sources, like wind.  They have to build the inter structure to meet the mandates so they increase our power costs to cover their costs.

Now add in coal power plants being closed the power companies are forced to use the higher costing fuels brings us even higher power bills.  Looks to me like it is the Democrat party with the liberal progressive ideology that brought us high energy bills.

How about his statement: taking away local control.  He seems to want to keep all zoning especially around our lakes at the county level where they are very intrusive and permits are far more expensive, but at the  township level permits are far less.  At the township level I have a lot more say on how our township is run.  At the county level my words seem to fall on deaf ears!

Because I live within a 1000 feet (not lake front property) of a lake I have to get two permits one at the county level and one at the township level.  The liberal progressive ideology made the law at the state level so the townships can not enforce lake shore ordinances.  That law takes away from local control.

Another statement; denying women’s right to health care choices.  That brings me back to Obama Care and because of all the premium increases my family (wife and daughter, who are women) right now are uninsured.

This is what the liberal progressive ideology brought to my family, financial hardship. Sounds like it is the progressive democrats that hate women not the republicans.

Another statement; the extreme attack on public education.  Public education really needs competition from private schools.  Example the St. Croix Falls school board, 4 of the members just went around the voters when we voted no to give Ipads for all students, so the board decided to partially implement it with other money (still tax dollars) and did not even bring forward the idea at the next meeting to get our input.  The school board seemed to not care what the voters wanted.

How about when so many teachers called in sick to go protest in Madison over the Act 10 Reforms, that shut down the St. Croix Falls School and Mr Viebrock wants to save schools like this?  A school district that fails to listen to the people, a school that we pay taxes to, and to have our children educated .Public schools like this is why we need the voucher system to implement private schools, then private schools will give some competition to districts like St. Croix Falls,  maybe then public schools will listen to what we say.

It is the liberal progressive ideology that is destructive to the middle class, not the Tea Party ideology.  This election I am voting to re-elect Governor Scott Walker. Before Governor Walker my property taxes were almost $1,500 a year, now they are just a little over $1,000 a year. I am voting for Adam Jarchow for assembly. I am voting to re-elect Pete Johnson for sheriff.

Tim Thompson
St. Croix Falls, WI