I am responding to a letter from Jeff Peterson last week calling our Governor an embarrassment.  Walker is a hero, Peterson is the embarrassment.  As usual, Peterson’ s letter is filled with lies and half-truths.  He calls it embarrassing that Walker supported a new iron mine in Northern Wisconsin that will provide thousands of much-needed jobs.

He surmises that he did this because the mining company financially supported a conservative group that was working to beat back the unjustified recalls of Wisconsin Senators.  What a joke.  Walker and most sane people in the legislature have long supported the northern Wisconsin iron mine because of the huge job-creation that will come from it.  Not because the mining company supports some outside group.

Peterson also thinks it’s odd that business owners tend to support Governor Walker.  Seriously?  Of course they do.  Peterson and his far-left, radical green party agenda that has been adopted by much o of the Wisconsin democrat party is the last thing businesses (small and large) and people they employ need.  We tried that under Doyle and it killed thousands of jobs.

Over 100,000 Wisconsin jobs have been created under Walker’s 3 1/2 years.  I know he has not yet met his goal of 250,000.  I also know that Peterson and his democrat crew want to “restart Wisconsin”.   I have said it before what a joke that is but it bears a repeat.  Restart to higher taxes, huge budget deficits, poor business climate, high unemployment, etc., etc.

Peterson then disingenuously endorses the empty-suit of Mary Burke.  Peterson pushed hard for Burke’s early would-be challenger Kathleen Vinehout, but had to settle for Burke when Vinehout decided not to run.  Why did Peterson back Vinehout over Burke?  Simple.  Peterson hates the fact that Burke is a plutocrat.  Her only qualification is that she is from a rich family.  She has never held a real job.

In fact, her family wanted her out of the family business so bad that they found a sweet-heart job for her in the Doyle Administration, where she helped to raise taxes and destroy jobs.  I would guess that Peterson is holding his nose in support of her.  If Walker came from that wealthy, outsourcing family, Peterson and his cronies would be all over him (remember the attacks on Romney).  Get real Jeff!

Support Walker.  He has made the tough decisions.

R J Hartung
Dresser, WI