Letter to the Editor:

Democrats Denied GodThe mainstream media did little to cover the story that delegates at this year’s Democratic National Convention publicly denounced God three times.  In an effort to placate the remaining Christian Democrats and mention God somewhere in their party platform, a vote was taken to put God back in. The vote was called for three times. All three times God was booed and denied.  It can be found on www.youtube.com Search, “Democrat’s Boo God”.

Democrats chose to have their convention in the Bible belt, but then refused welcome gift bags from local churches because the congregations hold values that are contrary to their party platform. [That platform without God]. The gift bags included no political message, but local praline candy and a welcome letter.

A different religion was welcomed at the convention and got national coverage.  But there was no coverage for the 9000 Christians that assembled to pray for the convention the Sunday before it started.

America was founded on Christian beliefs and her laws founded on the Word of God. The book “Sacred Fire” by Peter Lillback provides some history. Since the Bill of Rights, America has had assurance that secures our freedom of religion – not freedom from religion.  But this year a federal mandate forces all employers be required to provide sterilization and contraception to employees.  We were told we could keep our own healthcare, but now Catholic hospitals must provide abortions. We are losing our freedoms step by eroding step.  Can we choose not to be willfully ignorant and realize a very important basic freedom has just been taken away.

Do you ever notice that it is the Democrats who champion the side of darkness; the culture of death [abortion and euthanasia], crippling debt, the promotion of thuggish communist governments, favoring one religion over Christianity, stripping more personal freedoms, increasing a tax burden on future generations….

Maybe it is time to take a look to see if the Democrat party still holds the same values you do.

“The Harbinger”, by Jonathan Cahn, writes about ancient Israel receiving warnings from God before their destruction – very much like what is happening now in America.

Do you think that God might be getting tired of all our naughtiness and haughtiness? I hear it’s happened before.

Sally Porte