Do liberals think their War on Women will have an effect on the November elections? They hope so, because they have seen it work.  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz feels she can make abusive, baseless comments about our Governor, freely using brutal adjectives to paint fictional images. No facts, no substance, no statistics, just emotion to influence your vote. Liberals turn a blind eye to real atrocities and degradation of women and families in the Middle East and China.

They are the ones who want to keep women in the dark about the health risks of abortion, including depression, sleep disorders, memory loss, to name a few. They are the ones who keep women in the dark about long term health risks of birth control pills, including breast cancer, weight gain and headaches Truthfully, aren’t Wasserman-Schultz and others chanting about the “war on women” the ones who pull women back?

Aren’t they the ones who want to deny women the freedom to choose the best doctor or school? Aren’t they the ones who have promoted economic policies resulting in more Americans on food stamps than ever before? Do they care about women as individuals, or do they just care about them as a manipulated voting bloc?

So ladies, should we use reason or just emote? Dig into the story and the facts will show how our state has improved the last 4 years. Under Mary Burke’s leadership as Commerce Secretary, Wisconsin lost nearly 134,000 jobs. Since Governor Walker, over 100,000 jobs were created; the unemployment rate has decreased every year that Walker has been in office.  A recent Economic Outlook Survey of Wisconsin job creators found that 95% believe WI is headed in the right direction.

Compare that to 10% under the previous administration. Before resigning as Commerce Secretary, Burke admitted she wasn’t particularly good at leading her department or helping the private sector create jobs. Last month Burke was caught plagiarizing her jobs plan. Is that the leadership we are looking for?

Governor Walker helped Wisconsin turn a $3.6 billion budget deficit to a nearly $1 billion surplus, create nearly 17,000 new businesses, and provide $2 billion in tax relief.  Wisconsin is moving forward. Keep the momentum going by voting for the support team.

Read up on Julian Bradley for Secretary of State, an articulate young man that is shattering stereotypes. Brad Schimel is running for Attorney General and has endorsements from Law Enforcement on both sides of the aisle. Research Adam Jarchow to see how he will continue good representation of District 28.

cookieAs a conservative female, I have been blessed to experience several leadership roles. So this war on women is a bit of a mystery to me. I prefer to celebrate the differences instead of claiming to be a victim. On CNN, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina shared how we’re sick of the liberal’s war on women with their shameless, baseless propaganda.

Her fortune cookie said it best: “Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause”

M Johnson, Osceola, WI