I was walking to my office from the post office today and I saw a 50 something man wearing his Obama/Biden T-shirt. After biting my lip and passing by, I wondered what P.BO has done that this guy liked enough to wear his T-shirt after 6 months of being President.

Reality is that Obama is a Socialist and has surrounded him self with Socialists. He has proposed increasing the National Debt 300%, nationalized private businesses, socializing health care, and instituting cap and trade on energy policies. This president is a disaster! It is like watching a huge storm roll in like Katrina, knowing that you can’t do anything until 2010.
So what does the typical liberal see when they hear about Obama’s quest for saving America from itself? I think they see him as a superhero. Watch this video to see what I mean:

He’s Barack Obama – JibJab.com
by JibJab