May 2, 2012


Scott Walker“The Badger State keeps rising”

Madison, Wis. – Survey data released today by Chief Executive magazine shows Wisconsin has improved its business ranking by 21 places under Governor Scott Walker’s pro-jobs agenda, from 41st in the country to 20th in just two years.

“Governor Walker’s forward-thinking reforms have given employers greater opportunity to expand and create jobs for the people of Wisconsin,” said Walker campaign Communications Director Ciara Matthews.  “This survey proves employers across Wisconsin and across the nation believe we are headed in the right direction and Governor Walker is moving Wisconsin forward.”

In addition to the tremendous strides Wisconsin is making under Governor Walker’s leadership, these survey results show Wisconsin was one of only eight states to see a rise of four or more places this year.

Chief Executive magazine’s article, “Will Wisconsin Rise Again?,” also points to a growing fear among employers that a change in the governor’s office would have a devastating effect for Wisconsin’s ability to create jobs:

[CEO of Quick Cable Corp. John] “Shannon and others worry still about this summer’s recall election. ‘This very committed opposition may recall Walker and put someone else in,’ he mused, ‘and then we’ll have the pendulum swinging abruptly the other way.’”

Chief Executive magazine’s “Best/Worst States for Business 2012” survey results can be found here:

Chief Executive magazine’s article “Will Wisconsin Rise Again?” can be found here:

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