Saturday, May 14, 2011
Dresser, WI – Polk County, WI

On May 14, 2011, the Polk County Republicans met for their annual Lincoln Day Dinner.  Like many Republican Parties across the nation, the Polk County Republicans celebrated one of their greatest leaders by hosting a dinner in honor of our 16th President – Abraham Lincoln.

The dinner’s Master of Ceremonies was Chairman Sandy Fretwell, who introduced several special guests bringing updates from their legislative arenas.

Among them were:

  • US Congressman Sean Duffy (CD-7)
  • Assembly Speaker, Representative Jeff Fitzgerald (District 39)
  • State Senator Sheila Harsdorf  (District 10)
  • Representative Erik Severson (District 28)
  • Representative Roger Rivard (District 75)

Honored Guests & Speakers

The Polk County Republican Party would like to thank all those who attended, with a special thank to the representatives who traveled to our district to give updates on the status in Washington and Madison.

This is a difficult time in our State and Nation.  Republicans have won overwhelmingly, despite the efforts of the liberal left.  Given the difficult challenge to balance the state and national budgets, Republicans’ efforts are being hampered by union thugs and liberals who would rather we all be miserable together, than allow businesses to thrive and grow in Wisconsin.

Right out of their playbook, Democrat’s typical tactics of distract & delay – followed by attack and deflect, are causing chaos inside the Capitol in Madison and around the state.   The unfortunate victim is the Wisconsin citizens who voted for fiscal responsibility and those who want a balanced budget.

We need to get behind the 6 senators who are being recalled by out of state union organizers – who have sent their ilk into our cities to collect signatures through lies and deceit.  We need to protect the conservative majority, whom we elected to do their job – from the socialist agenda of the Democrats in Madison.

It is time to stand up and fight for what is right and bring fiscal responsibility back to Madison!

Contact the Polk County Republican Party for more information on how you can help win this fight.