On November 2, 2010 ~ Wisconsin declared loud and clear, “we are no longer going to be ruled by the status quo in Madison or Washington D.C.!

We all witnessed a historic midterm election that turned Wisconsin Red again.  With a Republican Governor, State Senate, State Assembly, Attorney General, and State Treasurer ~ we have the players in place to get Wisconsin back to work!

Polk County Republicans worked very hard to elect an Assemblyman who would hold the line on irresponsible spending in Madison and bring the voice of the people who elected him, into the chambers of the Assembly to be heard.  We are honored to have Erik Severson as our representative in Madison.

The 7th Congressional District worked extremely hard to replace a 40 year Washington Squatter with a fresh Conservative and after decades of Pork, we finally did it.  We now have an opportunity to bring new energy and Wisconsin values into the House of Representatives.  Sean Duffy pledged do that for us.

Wisconsin made a good choice to remove Senator Feingold from office, because he didn’t represent the people of Wisconsin and their best interests and after 18 years in Washington, he could no longer convince the voters that status quo deserved another shot. 

We elected Ron Johnson as our next Senator and expect him to bring the leadership and innovation with him to Washington that is currently lacking.  We expect that he will fight for Wisconsin and stay clear of Washington insiders and Republican moderates; to be the fresh voice in the Senate.

We finally elected a new Governor and Lt. Governor who promised to make Wisconsin a business friendly place to live and play.  We look forward to a new climate that welcomes and encourages entrepreneurship and innovation in the business arena.

We voted for all of this and we have high expectations for all of them.  We gave them our vote ~ our precious vote ~ knowing that we had to trust them and believe the promises they made during their campaigns. 

We send them to Madison and Washington, believing that they will be diligent and steadfast in their devotion to those who elected them to office, knowing that they can and will be removed as quickly  as they were put into office if they compromise themselves and their convictions.

Congratulations to those who were elected on November 2nd, 2010!  We are proud of what we accomplished and have hope and faith that you will succeed in your new positions.