Career politician Rep. David “Yellowbelly” Obey lacks courage to face constituents, holding “teleconference” townhall « Apostle Islands Navigator

Does this really surprise anyone? “Courageous Dave” is afraid to be a man and talk to you face to face. He’s a Socialist, let’s be real clear on that. He is basically ignoring what you, the public want, and will push the socialist agenda of Barack Obama. He is disrespecting you, spitting on you and flipping you the canary. He’s not listening to you, nor will he.

U.S. Representative Dave Obey says he will conduct a telephone forum beginning 7:30 p.m. Monday that will allow thousands of people in the 7th Congressional District to participate. People can sign up to participate by registering on

Allow thousands to participate? BULLSHIT! He is afraid of you. He’s nothing but a little bitch, a coward that can’t look you in the eyes and tell you the truth.

Obey, a Democrat first elected in 1969, says the telephone forum is the most constructive way for the largest number of people to get questions answered about their concerns about health care reform.

No, no, no! He’s lying, and he’s spinning it to make himself look good. He’s a career politician with a socialist agenda that lacks courage to interact with his superiors. You, the people. Obey thinks that you are servants when in fact the truth is he is our public servant. We’re the bosses. Obey is a coward.

Guess what? I’m not the only one that knows this fact to be true.

Republican challenger Sean Duffy says Obey’s refusal to hold public town hall meetings shows he’s afraid to face the voters.