Call to CaucusJanuary 2017 | Call to Caucus
Letter from the Chairman of the Republican Party of Polk County

Happy New Year from the executive committee and myself to all our members and supporters.  United We Win!!!!  That was our Republican Party of Polk County’s theme and everyone did their part to elect all our county, state and national candidates.

In 2015 we had our Polk County Grassroots Training, followed by a great 2016 Lincoln Day Dinner in Siren, 7th District Caucus in Wisconsin Rapids, State Convention in Green Bay, executive team meetings, many parades throughout Polk County, a great Polk County Fair, fund raising events, three Pints and Politics, candidate forums and debates, handing out literature and signs at our St Croix Falls campaign office or door to door, and movie nights showing “Agenda 2” and “Hillary’s America”, plus we discussed “Clinton Cash” and “Clinton Chronicles”, and sent many letters to the editors of local papers.

On November 4th & 5th we had our Campaign Victory Tour with Adam Jarchow and Sheila Harsdorf going to most villages and cities in Polk and Burnett Counties and on November 7th we hosted the Duffy/Trump rally at our campaign office with Adam Jarchow, Sean Duffy, and Michelle Bachman representing Donald J. Trump. The many volunteers that helped us were too numerous to mention by name. I do want to thank all the landowners and homeowners that allowed signs to be placed on their property.

I want to thank all who volunteered at the St Croix Falls campaign office, where they interacted with many first time voters, blue collar Democrats, Independents, and Republicans that wanted literature and signs.

Polls in Wisconsin in the summer were not encouraging for Donald Trump or Ron Johnson. Then September 9th came and Clinton’s deplorable, irredeemable comment and Trump and Johnson’s positive messages started to resonate and internal polling showed that we could win, if we worked together. On October 4th I received a strategy letter from Mike Duffy, the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin that set out a goal for Polk County to win 11,785 votes for Trump and Johnson (58.18%).

All our efforts paid off because Polk County certified 13,815 (60.7%) votes for Trump and 13,535 (60.5%) votes for Johnson, way above the RPW goals. The Wisconsin state wide recount netted President Elect Donald J. Trump with 131 more votes over Hillary Clinton than previously certified.

Spring Election on April 5th Rebecca Bradley, a conservative, won a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

  • Bradley 52.4% vs. Kloppenburg 47.7%

General Election on November 8th the following results occurred for our Republican Candidates:

  • President Elect Donald Trump Polk County 60.7% vs. Clinton 33.3% WI 47.9% vs. 47.0%
  • Senator Ron Johnson Polk County 60.5% vs. Feingold 36.2% WI 50.2% vs. 46.9%
  • Congressman Sean Duffy Polk County 64.0% vs. Hoeft 36.0% 7th District 61.8% vs. 38.2%
  • State Senator Sheila Harsdorf Polk County 66.9% vs. Odeen 33.1% 10th District 63.2% vs. 36.9%
  • Adam Jarchow Polk County 60.3% vs. Peterson 35.0% vs. Zilka 4.6% 28th District 60.7% vs. 33.9% vs. 5.4%
  • Assemblyman Romaine Quinn Polk County 64.0% vs. Huftel 36.0% 75th District 62.0% vs. 38.0%
  • District Attorney Elect Jeff Kemp Polk County 60.5% vs. Steffen 39.4%
  • County Clerk Elect Sharon Jorgenson Polk County 60.5% vs. Hacker 39.5%
  • Nationwide Donald J. Trump won 306 electoral votes spending $600 million versus Hillary Clinton spending $1.2 billion for 232 electoral votes (total $ from Campaign, PACs, and Party Committees).

Donald Trump won 30 states and more than 2,700 of the 3,143 counties in the United States.

The US Senate will have 52 Republicans to 48 Democrats.

The US House will have 238 Republicans to 194 Democrats.

Governorships will have 33 Republicans to 16 Democrats and 1 Independent (Alaska).

Republicans will now control 67 of the 98 partisan state chambers. Republicans now have 4,100 seats of the 7,383 state chamber seats, up 919 seats since President Obama was elected in 2008.

Wisconsin picked up seats in both the Assembly (now 64 Republicans to 35 Democrats) and the Senate (now 20 Republicans to 13 Democrats).

After eight years of apology tours, underemployment, wage stagnation, economic deterioration, $10 trillion more in debt, treating veterans poorly, a bad Iran nuclear deal costing billions, leaving Americans behind to die in Benghazi, assaults on our first and second amendment rights, shoving the very expensive Obamacare down our throats, sympathizing with Muslim groups instead of the victims of radical Islamic terrorism, allowing illegal’s by the millions to cross our border and reap welfare benefits, putting down morality, and losing the American dream and hope for our children and grandchildren, the hardworking, tax-paying citizens peacefully voted to stop this degradation of the United States of America.

Our success will pay dividends for years to come. We elected leaders who will take Polk County, Wisconsin, and America in a better, stronger direction.

I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done to make this possible. The countless hours put in by you and our executive team made this election year historic and rewarding.


The county party is the grassroots organization for electing conservative candidates to office. Please complete the enclosed membership form and include your e-mail, so we can send you updates. You are welcome to contribute at a higher level than the basic membership. I encourage you to copy the membership form and give it to friends and family and encourage them to become members. Please volunteer in as many areas as you can.

Call to Caucus                                                                                                                                                                

January 29, 2017 at 2:00 PM the 2017 Republican Party of Polk County will Caucus at Trollhaugen  – Main Building Level – in Dresser WI. We have invited Assemblyman Adam Jarchow, State Senator Sheila Harsdorf, Polk County Circuit Court Justice Anderson (Branch 2) and all four candidates for Polk County Circuit Court Justice (Branch 1).   At our County Caucus we will elect officers for 2017 – 2018 and delegates to the 2017 District 7 Caucus and the 2017 RPW State Convention May 12-14, 2017 in Wisconsin Dells WI. I hope you are planning to attend our county caucus. You can pay your membership dues at the door. You need to be a member to vote and to be a delegate.

2017 Elections                                                                                                                                                                    

Election for Polk County Circuit Court Branch 1 and 2 will occur this year as well as an election for Wisconsin Supreme Court. Conservative Justice Annette Ziegler is up for re-election. State Superintendent of Public Instruction will also have several candidates. The primary election is 2-21-17 and the spring election is 4-4-17.

Lincoln Day Dinner

We agreed to co-host the Lincoln Day Dinner with St Croix County. The event will be held at the St Croix National Club on Saturday February 18, 2017 at 5 PM sharp. We have confirmed that Governor Scott Walker and RPW Chairman Brad Courtney will speak at that time.

A preceding fundraiser will be at the home of St Croix County Chair Scott Nordstrand at 4 PM. We will invite our local Assemblymen Adam Jarchow and State Senator Sheila Harsdorf and other local officials are also invited to attend.

We can be proud to be citizens of Polk County and to support our conservative values and defend our constitutional rights for all to see in the state of Wisconsin and our Nation.

Sincerely, Chairman Alan K. Walker