Hypocritical Congressional Candidate Calls for Higher Wages While Posting Ad for Unpaid Campaign Staff Position

WestlundWe call on Kelly Westlund to live by the same standards she asks Wisconsin small business to follow. The 7th district Democrat challenger for Congress recently circulated a petition demanding equal pay for equal work and called on Congress and Wisconsin small businesses to raise the minimum wage. Just one day earlier she posted an ad for a job on her campaign that offers zero pay and zero benefits.

Kelly Westlund has made a “living wage” the cornerstone of her campaign, organizing protests and circulating petitions. While she seeks to raise labor costs on small businesses during these difficult economic times, she is asking her own staff to work for free. If Westlund believes all working Americans deserve a “living wage” to provide for their “basic needs”, she needs to set an example.

Not being able to recruit volunteers to assist in the duties of her candidacy is no excuse. She should pay her staff $10.10 per hour, the very wage she advocates for 7th District small businesses to pay their employees. Kelly Westlund, however, doesn’t believe these policies should apply to her and her refusal to live by the rules she sets for others is an indication of what she would do in Washington.

Kelly Westlund’s insincerity doesn’t end there. In her bio and media appearances, Kelly Westlund calls herself a small business owner, yet has no record of creating jobs. Her sole proprietorship has no employees and does not have a payroll.

The fact is that the policies Kelly Westlund advocates for, including Obamacare, will lead to less full-time jobs, more outsourcing and automation, and less opportunity for the hard-working families of Wisconsin’s 7th District.


Jim Miller, Chair
7th Congressional District Republican Party of WI