Sharon Jorgenson for Polk County Clerk

sharonSharon Jorgenson is the Republican candidate for County Clerk. A lifelong resident of Polk County, she was raised on a family farm in the area known as North Valley in Eureka Township by parents Roald and the late Elaine Johnson. Currently she resides near the North Valley area of Eureka Township with husband Steve. Their family includes a son, Derek who is employed by Polk County, and a daughter, Shauna, who is in her senior year of nursing school at St Scholastica College.

Jorgenson attended Unity High School graduating as Salutatorian. When lay-offs of long term Polk-Burnett Electric employees resulted in 2010 due to the recession, Jorgenson turned her lay-off into newfound opportunity, completing an Associate Degree in Accounting from Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College in 2014.

Work experience includes 23 years of service with Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative, 6 years banking experience at savings & loan offices in St Croix Falls and Frederic, WI, 10 months at CWS Security Services, and almost 4 years at the Clerk of Circuit Court office at Polk County Courthouse.

At Polk-Burnett Electric, she worked in multiple areas as Front Desk Receptionist with promotions to Billing Specialist and then Departmental Assistant. In her position as Departmental Assistant, she worked as a trouble shooter for balancing problems, worked on special projects as assigned, trained 23 new employees over the years, filled in for absent employees in several departments, and streamlined processes for increased efficiency.

Sharon is extremely computer savvy with experience in a multitude of software programs as well as experience with 4 major software conversions.  Positions held in the Clerk of Court Office include Traffic Clerk and Accounting/Bookkeeper. “In my current position, I increased the use of tax intercept which greatly improved collections on outstanding amounts owed. In addition, I have streamlined processes to improve efficiency in my current position.”

Experience and key skills include a rich background of customer service, proficiency in accounting, financial aptitude, and attention to detail, superior organization, and dedication to doing the job right.

Her background of years of customer service will complement the County Clerk position. She says, “I am an enterprising, hard-working, efficient, and technically skilled professional with rock solid ethics known for attention to detail, accuracy, and effective organization and communication skills. I possess the commitment to do what it takes to learn the County Clerk position. My work ethic, dedication to excellence, and desire to serve the public in a positive, welcoming manner will benefit both Polk County and its residents.”

LWV Candidates Forum in Milltown, WI

Local candidates for Wisconsin Senate & Assembly to speak at Local LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS sponsored candidate forum.

MSenator Sheila HardorfILLTOWN – Voters in Polk and Burnett counties can meet their state office candidates and learn where they stand on Wisconsin issues at a candidate forum Tuesday, Sept. 20, at Milltown Community Center.

Senate District 10 candidates Sheila Harsdorf and Diane Odeen, and Assembly District 28 candidates Adam Jarchow, Jeff Peterson and Vincent Zilka plan to participate. Burnett County Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Kutz will serve as moderator.

The free event begins at 5:30 p.m. with a time to meet and greet the candidates, with refreshments served by Milltown Public Library. The candidate forum begins at 6 p.m. with a brief introduction by each candidate.

The candidates will then answer questions from the League of Women Voters and audience members who will submit their questions in writing during the meet-and-greet time. Each candidate will have three minutes to respond to each question. There will be no questions from the floor.

Adam Jarchow for AssemblyThe event will end no later than 8:30 p.m.

The league will provide information on voter ID and how to register to vote. To learn whether you reside in Assembly District 28 and/or Senate District 10, visit, or call your community government office.

Milltown Community Center
301 S. Second Ave. S.W.
Milltown, WI

Established nearly 100 years ago, The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin is a nonpartisan organization that advocates for informed and active participation in government. Membership is open to men as well as women.

Learn more, visit

Pints & Politics – Sept. 15, 2016

Pints & Politics

Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 6:00 Pints and Politicspm.
JJ’s Club 35
2378 State Hwy
Luck, WI 54858

Join Us for Pints & Politics at JJ’s Club 35!

Come, Hear, and Asks Questions of Republican Candidates.

Yard Signs for Republican Candidates Available

Polk County Republican Party Headquarters

The Polk County Republican Party has proudly opened their party headquarters for the 2016 elections!  We have yard signs, bumper stickers, and literature for the candidates who have provided them to us for distribution.  We are holding additional listening sessions, candidate meet and greets, and party events there as well.

Polk County Republicans HQ
2071 Glacier Drive
St Croix Falls WI 54024

Staffed Office Hours

  • Mondays 5-7 PM
  • Wednesdays 5-7 PM
  • Saturdays 10-2

Office Hours are from August 1 to Election November 8, 2016.

Volunteers Needed

If you would like to volunteer during our staffed hours, let us know. We would appreciate your participation! Use the Contact Us page to tell us you’re interested.

Brats and Sweet Corn with Sen. Ron Johnson

Save the date!

ronjohnsonJoin us for a Brat Fry & Sweet Corn Feed with Wisconsin’s Republican Senator, Ron Johnson!

Hosted By:

  • Washburn GOP
  • Sawyer GOP
  • Polk GOP
  • Burnett GOP


Perlick Farms
W5014 County HWY B
Sarona, WI 54870

Sunday September 11, 2016

  • 3:00 PM Host Committee Round-table
  • 4:00 PM General Reception and Remarks

Cost & RSVP Details:

  • Attendee $25.00/person
  • Questions or RSVP, contact Lexi Ardis (608)310-2282
  • Or register online at perlikfarms

Pints & Politics

The Polk County Republican Party would like to invite you to join us for “Pints and Politics.” Take this opportunity to meet your candidates running for office and talk to them and each other about the issues we are facing today.

Pints and PoliticsWhen:
Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 6:00pm.

The Village Pizzeria of Amery, WI
325 Keller Ave. North
Amery, WI 54001

Join Us for Pints & Politics at The Village Pizzeria of Amery!

Yard Signs for Republican candidates will be available.

2016 State Republican Party Convention Update

Report from the Wisconsin State GOP Convention held in Green Bay, Wisconsin on 5-14-16 by Alan Walker, Chairman of the Republican Party of Polk County.

Polk County Receives Star Award at GOP State Convention

The Republican Party of Polk County won the “The Star Award” for our efforts in the area of supporting candidates and with communications.

Governor Scott Walker shared how the recent jobs report points to a stronger Wisconsin economy. First, Wisconsin reached an all-time high for total employment with more than 3 million people working for themselves or Wisconsin employers. Next, 13,100 private-sector jobs were created, and the unemployment rate dropped from 9.2% in 2010 to 4.5% today — below the national rate of 5%. This means that Wisconsin is ranked fifth best in the country and No. 1 in the Midwest for job growth. Also the labor force participation rate was 68.8%, ranking Wisconsin sixth best in the country, 6 points above the USA mean. This is all good news for working families all across Wisconsin.

The Governor stated “It’s no secret that growing jobs, strengthening Wisconsin’s economy and highlighting our state’s successes have been top priorities for my administration. Through tax relief and government reforms, we worked to get the mighty hand of the government out of the way and unleash the power of the private sector of our economy. More than five years into our administration, we are seeing measurable, positive results. Our pension fund is fully funded and the budget had $200 million more for public schools. Wisconsin in 2015 had the second highest ACT composite score in the USA and the 3rd highest graduation rate in the USA.

The Governor stated “looking ahead, one of our biggest challenges is finding enough people to fill all the new jobs being created in Wisconsin. With this in mind, we invested millions into our public schools in dual enrollment and youth apprenticeship programs. Lately, we put more into our technical colleges and we continue to fund customized worker training sessions. The latest news shows that we are heading in the right direction. The Wisconsin Comeback continues.”

In regards to the delegates the Governor thanked them for the hard work that goes into the resolutions. He said that many resolutions approved by the grass roots have been implemented into law since 2010, like Act 10, right to work, prevailing wage, castle doctrine, conceal carry, voter photo ID, protection of the unborn,  victims rights, GAB reform, school choice, tuition freeze at State Universities, and property and income tax reform.

On Saturday 5-14-16 the Republican Party of Wisconsin endorsed Ron Johnson at its annual convention drawing a clear contrast between the manufacturer from Oshkosh WI and Senator Feingold, a career politician who will do anything to get back to Washington.

Ron Johnson said”What we do here in Wisconsin, I believe, can be crucial to literally saving this nation…  I don’t think this nation can count on Senator Feingold to keep Wisconsin or this nation safe.” He stressed that Wiscosinites want to be safe and secure and have the opportunity to succeed and prosper.

Ron Johnson emphasized performance, results, and action. Ron is the chair of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs. His committees had 24 pieces of legislation that were signed into law. These covered security, accountability, and government efficiency. Work continues on our broken, inefficient, dysfunctional, federal government and the need to stop growing it. He said we need to stop mortgaging our children’s and grandchildren’s future with all this debt. He said “Obamacare has been a massive consumer fraud. In the private sector, you would not own your company if you made those false promises … I hear Senator Feingold say in interviews that this health care law isn’t as bad as people are pretending it to be. Are you kidding me? The cost of health care coverage has gone way up for families.”

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan spoke of unifying GOP. The divide among many in the state GOP after a long primary fight hasn’t gone unnoticed.
Paul Ryan talked briefly about the face to face meeting with Donald Trump on 5-12-16.  He told Donald Trump, now the standard bearer of the Republican Party that the core principles of the Republican Party can not be compromised. He wants the Supreme Court to follow the Constitution, thus the need to appoint someone like Justice Scalia; we need to defend human life, strengthen the military, and rein in regulations that come from unelected bureaucrats.   “We need to unify but not fake unity. It’s no secret that we from time to time have clashed on an issue or two. That happens with people. That happens with Republicans.” Paul Ryan says as it gets closer to the general election, its likely voters will see a clear difference between Trump and his democratic opponent.

“Donald Trump should be given a ton of credit for advancing and widening the playing field. He is bringing new voters to the Republican Party by the millions. What we want to make sure of going forward is that we’re doing nothing but adding voters to the Republican Party column, and not doing anything that subtracts voters going forward,” said Ryan.

In regards to his role as Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan would like to reform the IRS code and improve tax rates to help get the economy running better than our 0.5% GDP growth. He would like to see reform in the welfare system where $800 billion is spent each year, with a system that encourages work and gives dignity back to people.

LTE – Vote for Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley on April 5th

Justice Rebecca BradleyI recently had the privilege to personally meet Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley. Rebecca Bradley is being opposed in the April 5th election by JoAnne Kloppenberg. JoAnne Kloppenburg is a presiding judge for the Wisconsin Court of Appeals District IV, and a ultra-liberal.

Gov. Scott Walker appointed Rebecca Bradley to the Supreme Court in October 2015, following the death of Supreme Court Justice N. Patrick Crooks on September 21, 2015. Justice Crooks was an outstanding jurist dedicated to the law, to truth, and to justice.

In appointing Rebecca Bradley to the Supreme Court, Governor Walker said “I want someone of integrity who understands the law; and most importantly, I want someone who understands that the role of the judiciary is to uphold the Constitution of this country and of this state and those laws duly enacted within.”

Justice Rebecca Bradley is an impartial and independent voice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Justice Rebecca Bradley believes that a justice is supposed to uphold the law in a fair, impartial and independent way.

She has deep respect for separation of powers and the belief that legislators are supposed to make the laws not judges on the bench. Rebecca Bradley doesn’t want to legislate from the bench because she believes a judge must be impartial and free of political agendas.

She will be tough but fair and make sure people receive the dignity and respect they deserve.20 years of experience in the courtroom gives her the experience needed to serve Wisconsin.

She has also received endorsements from more than 135 sheriffs, judges, district attorneys and law enforcement organizations across Wisconsin— people who belong to both political parties. Polk County Sheriff Pete Johnson has endorsed Rebecca Bradley. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who won the 2014 General Election on the Democratic ticket with 79% of the vote, is a is a staunch supporter of Justice Bradley because he knows we need her proven experience and impartiality on Wisconsin’s highest court.

Judge Bradley received her J.D. from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1996. In 2012, Judge Bradley was named one of Milwaukee’s Leading Lawyers in Litigation, Business Law, and Internet Law by M Magazine.

She received the 2010 Women in Law Award from the Wisconsin Law Journal and was named a “Rising Star” Attorney on the 2010 and 2008 Wisconsin Super Lawyers list. Judge Bradley also served as President, and has served on the Board of Advisors, of the Milwaukee Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society, an organization founded on the principle that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be.

Please vote for Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley on April 5, 2016.

Alan Walker 796 Wapogasset Lake Lane Amery WI 54001 608-247-5268


Message from Brad Courtney, WISGOP Chairman

Republican Party of Wisconsin

Dedicated Supporter,

For the last five years, I have had the privilege to serve as your Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, and it has been a truly rewarding opportunity. I have witnessed incredible commitment from you as our party has grown into a year-round, battle-tested organization that helps our candidates win elected office and fight for our cause in Madison and in Washington DC. When I took the reins five years ago, we had just elected Scott Walker as our Governor, Ron Johnson as our Senator, Rep.

Sean Duffy overtook 30 years of Democratic rule in the 7th Congressional District, Rep. Reid Ribble retook the 8th Congressional District, and we sent a strong majority to the State Legislature in Madison. We were on the eve of a four-year battle of ideas that would determine the future of Wisconsin. It fell to us to defend these advances and echo the push for the largest, boldest, conservative-driven agenda Wisconsin has ever seen.

As we all know, the real battle had just begun. Facing special interests that sought to preserve the status quo, the Governor’s bold, conservative-driven reforms in Act 10 inspired us all to fight for our future, and when they tried to recall the Governor and the legislators who stood beside him, we proved victorious.  In 2014, we once again helped Governor Walker prevail against the special interests that sought to undo the great work we had achieved. By going door to door, working the phones and spreading the word, we delivered a conservative message to the voters and once again, common sense prevailed in Wisconsin.

Thank you for the commitment you have made and the extraordinary effort you have invested that has led to the many successes of the Republican Party of Wisconsin these past 5 years. Together, we are part of a movement that has changed Wisconsin for the better, and shaped our future for years to come. Yet, our work is not done. This year, the legislation that has taken effect and the leaders we have elected will once again be on the ballot, and we must be ready to defend our progress and keep Wisconsin moving forward.

In this moment of reflection and thanks for all of your contributions to our success, I ask you to remember that we must always be vigilant. We have been blessed with success in Wisconsin, and this year we have an opportunity to bring Wisconsin common sense to Washington DC. We must seize this opportunity to re-elect a strong Wisconsin Senator and true citizen legislator, Ron Johnson, retain the 8th Congressional District in Republican hands, and put a Republican back in the White House to undo the damage of the last eight years.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin cannot achieve these victories without your generous support, and I hope we can continue to count on you to help us elect leaders who will bring bold, conservative reform to our state and our nation.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you have done for our party, and for our state’s future. This year let’s make Wisconsin Red to the Roots, not only in 2016, but for years to come.

On Wisconsin,

Brad Courtney
Brad Courtney

Two Decades in Washington Changed Senator Feingold

Senator Feingold continues to break his infamous “garage door pledge” to raise a majority of his funds in Wisconsin.

Russ FeingoldIn 1992, Senator Feingold promised to raise money from Wisconsinites. But now outside special interests dollars are central to his desperate campaign to win a Senate seat.

  • Last year, Feingold raised only 43% of his money from Wisconsin, well short of his long held pledge.[1]
  • This year, it will only get worse.
  • Feingold has become the classic elite politician, relying on the east coast and west coast to raise big money for his campaign.

Feingold used to decry PAC involvement, until he formed Progressives United.

Another blatant hypocrisy is Senator Feingold’s own PAC, Progressives United. This PAC served as a personal ATM for Feingold’s political operation after he was kicked out of Washington.

  • In 1995, Senator Feingold voted to ban PAC contributions, saying they “have undermined public confidence in the Senate.”[2]
  • After he was kicked out of office, he started Progressives United, a political action committee that paid Feingold and his staff millions.[3]
  • The PAC gave only 5% of its income to other candidates and political parties.[4]
  • The group also spent thousands on leather bound copies of Feingold’s book.[5]
  • Progressives United was nothing more than a campaign-in-waiting as Feingold plotted his return to the United State Senate.[6]

Senator Feingold once decried outside groups, but now gladly accepts their help.

In 2010, Senator Feingold told the DSCC to “get the hell” out of Wisconsin, but now Feingold is accepting the Washington group’s money and support.

  • In 2010, Senator Feingold asked the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee not to spend money in Wisconsin.[7]
  • He even used the phrase: “get the hell out of my state.”[8]
  • Now, Senator Feingold is not only accepting DSCC money, but the group is heavily involved in the current U.S Senate race.
  • Another left-leaning outside group has begun launching radio ads against Ron Johnson, and Feingold remains silent, even though their claims are false and it completely contradicts his previous promises to Wisconsin voters.[9]
  • There are multiple special interest groups from outside of Wisconsin coming to Senator Feingold’s defense.
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